No Needles, No Pain, Just Quick & Easy With Great Results!

At Smart Dental Care we have multiple composite bonding experts, across the UK. Between them, they have changed the lives of hundreds of patients through expert composite bonding methods.

Our dentists offer the best possible free hand composite bonding, which is a skillset found amongst the best in the business. 

Ethical dentistry is the most important core value at Smart Dental Care. You can trust that our team of professionals will give you the best possible treatment care and advice. We believe in making lasting changes, so you can ensure once your treatment begins, your teeth will be straighter but most importantly, your bite will function better.

With over 30 practices across the UK, we’re here for you! Our warm welcoming practices and friendly staff are here every step of the way to answer any of your questions.

Starting from £250 per tooth. £25 Consultation.

What Is Composite Bonding?

Composite Bonding is a putty-like resin which is applied to the tooth and hardened with an ultraviolet light which bonds the material to the tooth. Composite bonding can repair chipped, cracked, decayed or discoloured teeth. The treatment is painless, requires no needles and usually takes around 1 to 2 hours.

Composite Bonding is a minimally invasive process of applying tooth coloured filling material to the surface of the teeth to improve the shape, colour and appearance of the teeth. This can be completed in one day.

Why Choose Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a relatively new cosmetic dental treatment which is extremely popular within the influencer/TV celebrity realm. Results are instantaneous and patients can expect to have a complete smile makeover within one appointment.

If you have an uneven smile, discoloured or chipped tooth, composite bonding could be the solution to your problems. Having the above problems can affect your confidence and even in some circumstances, the ability to eat certain foods. 

Who is right for composite bonding?

  • You have a chipped tooth or teeth.
  • You have a discoloured tooth or teeth.
  • You have a gap in your smile.
  • You have an uneven/crooked smile.

Smile Your Best!

We can help you achieve your dream smile through one dental appointment. Composite bonding is becoming extremely popular in modern dentistry and is one of the most popular choices for achieving your best smile. The key benefits after treatments are:

  • Patients have straighter teeth.
  • Patients have a brighter smile.
  • Patients can smile again.
  • Patients feel a surge in confidence!
  • Patients have no gaps in their smile.

Treatment Journey

Step 1

Your dentist will carry out a full dental examination including x-rays and impressions to assess the overall health of your mouth. Once you pass the dental examination your dentist will then explain your composite bonding options.

Step 2

Mock-Up - During the next stage, your dentist will perform a mock-up of what the final results will look like. You will be able to give feedback to your dentist to ensure the desired result.

Step 3

Procedure - After the mock-up the dentist will apply the composite material to the tooth and using the ultraviolet light, the composite will be permanently bonded to the desired result. This treatment takes around 1 to 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many appointments are needed?
Are injections needed?
Will there be drilling on my teeth?
How long does composite bonding last?
How many teeth are recommended for best results?
Is teeth straightening needed before composite bonding?