New Registrations for Low-Cost Private Patients

Dear Patient, 

Please forward this message to any friends & family that may be interested in joining Picton Dental Centre. 

Due to Brexit the number of dentists in offering services has reduced considerably. 

During and following on from the Pandemic, the NHS unfortunately does not pay enough to the dentists due to the increased workload from patients. 

As a result, many dentists have reduced their commitment to the NHS to the point that this practice common with most other practices in the area don't have enough dentists to meet the demand from our patients. 

Unfortunately, the choices that our patients face are that they may have to wait longer to gain access and wait longer for completing treatments. 

Picton Dental centre understands the difficulties that our patients are facing. 

Therefore, we have introduced a low-cost private treatment which is an alternative and competitive to the NHS which may improve access for some patients who may wish to pay for treatment in the time being whilst we recruit new dentists. 

We apologise in the meanwhile for the disruption caused to patients as a result. If you would still like to register as a low-cost private patient, please follow this link.

Please note that all registrations are for online applications only and a member of the team will contact you back. 

Please also note that we are unable to see children at the moment unless it is for an emergency appointment. 


Picton Dental Centre

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