Patient Responsibility Charter

Helping us to help you

Your practice has adopted a new policy to help reduce appointment wastage for the benefit

of all patients.

Non-attendance or Short Notice Cancellation

Please give at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel or rearrange appointments.

If you fail to attend an appointment on more than one occasion within 18 months, then

your NHS registration with the practice will be cancelled.

You will then need to find an alternative NHS practice or re-join the practice as a private

patient and if you need to see the dentist for an emergency appointment, such as a

toothache, then you will only be seen as a private patient for a fee of £50 payable in



It is important that you attend your practice for regular check-ups so that we can better

monitor and help maintain your oral health. Attending the practice for routine check-up

appointments are a condition of your registration with the practice.

If you do not attend the practice regularly or more than 2 years elapses between your

appointments, then you will be deregistered as an NHS patient at the practice and your NHS

place will be offered to another patient.

We can all help to better use the valuable time of the clinical team and thank you for

helping us to help you.