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The team at Donaghadee Dental Centre would like to thank you for being a valued and longstanding patient, and we wanted to let you know of some upcoming changes at the practice that will affect you. 

As you may be aware, dentistry is facing significant waiting lists and time restraints which make it difficult to provide the high level of care and maintain the standards we strive to offer our patients. It is with this in mind that we have made the decision to move away from providing adult Health Service treatments and therefore, after the 30th of July 2022, we will offer either a monthly plan to our adult patients or the option to pay for treatment independently as required. Our plan offers a flexible way to pay for your routine dental treatment by monthly direct debit.

We will stop offering Health Service treatments to everyone aged 18 or over after the 30th of July 2022. From this date onwards we will be offering either a monthly Plan or the option to pay for treatment independently on a PAYG basis.

We will continue to see all children under the health service who are currently registered with ourselves until the age of 18 then we will be offering either monthly Plan or the option to pay for treatment independently on a PAYG basis.

If you are aged 18 or over and in the middle of health service treatment with us, we will endeavour to complete your full treatment plan. If you are in the middle of treatment, it is vitally important that you attend your booked treatment appointments to complete your treatment.

If you experience pain, have a dental emergency, or require any urgent dental treatment before the 30th of July 2022 then please contact our practice as normal for advice or an appointment with us on the health service.

Routine Adult NHS examinations due between now and the 30th of July 2022 will unfortunately not be carried out to allow us time to complete all active Health Service treatments. 

Please be assured that the level of service and patient care we offer is of the utmost importance to us. By focusing on monthly Plans and independent treatments we will be able to offer more flexibility with appointments, shorter waiting times, a wider variety of treatment options and focus on giving our patients the best experience. 

Practice Plan

From as little as £9.99 per month you will receive access to the following:

  • 2 x dental health check-ups including 2 x full dental cleans every 12 months
  • Clinically necessary x-rays 
  • 10% off any treatment you may need along with access to cosmetic treatments
  • Priority access to our open days and special offers on cosmetic treatments including clear aligners and teeth whitening.

The plan is a great way to spread the cost of your essential dental treatment and It is very quick and easy to register as a monthly Plan patient and continue to see us. Simply click the link below beside your dentist’s name to join their plan

Dr Hannah Siribor -  Click Here

Dr Geetha Senthilkumaran – Click Here

You can also telephone 02891 882572 and one of our friendly support team will be available to help

Whilst we hope that you will choose to remain a patient with us, if you decide you would prefer to remain under the Health service then we suggest that you visit http://online.hscni.net/other-hsc-organisations/hsc-service-finder/ where you may be able to find dental practices local to your area and their contact details. You can also contact any practice to enquire about possible health service registration.

You will be deregistered from ourselves as a health service patient on the 30th of July 2022. We hope that you will choose to remain on with us as a plan or PAYG patient.

We look forward to continuing to welcome you to Donaghadee Dental Centre. If you have any questions, then please do visit our website www.smartdentalcare.co.uk or telephone our support team on 02891 882572.

Kind regards

Hannah Siribor and Geethanjali Senthilkumaran

Donaghadee Dental Centre 

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