July 28, 2022
Anthony Krystopher

FYI Series: Your Quick Guide to Clear Aligners

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July 28, 2022

FYI Series: Your Quick Guide to Clear Aligners

Anthony Krystopher

This next instalment of the treatments series discusses clear aligners treatments such as Reveal, Nuvola and Invisalign.


Nearly Invisible

In stark comparison to the long-standing stigmas associated with wired braces, clear aligners treatment has become quite fashionable in recent years with a helpful push from celebrities and social media influencers. But if you are conscious about people knowing you’re having alignment treatment, it’s very hard to notice someone wearing the clear trays.

Removable Trays

With wired braces, there is no way to take them off until the end of treatment; this can cause problems because the fixed attachments can easily trap food and make it harder to access every surface with a toothbrush. Clear aligners can be easily removed when eating, brushing your teeth and flossing, making it easier to maintain your oral hygiene.

Eat what you like

As mentioned above, the attachments and wires for traditional braces can trap food and if the food is especially tough or chewy, this can even cause damage to the braces. For this reason, dentists will advise against eating certain foods, whereas this risk is completely eliminated with clear aligners. There are no restrictions on what you can eat, and when you want to eat.


The fixtures and wires on traditional braces can scrape and irritate the inside of your cheeks, whereas clear aligners are made from a smooth plastic material that doesn’t poke or chafe with minimal fixtures required (if any).

Safe Materials

Medical-grade plastic is used to make clear aligner trays, free from harmful toxins so you have peace of mind about putting the trays in your mouth.


Whilst noticeable results have been reported in as little as 4 months , the average treatment period for clear aligners is around a year, as opposed to traditional braces which can be installed for up to two years. This does depends on the severity of the patients misalignment.

Other things to consider

Long-term Commitment

The effectiveness of your clear aligners treatment depends mostly on you. Problems can arise when you forget to wear your clear aligners when you should, which can lead to a delay in your treatment plan if your teeth cannot fit into the stage of the  they should be ready for. Pushing teeth back to where they should be can also increase the discomfort and pressure whilst your teeth are put back on track.


Clear alignment treatment can be expensive if you pay all at once. Smart Dental Care have 0% finance options available so you can pay per month to spread the cost.

Period of Adjustment

Whilst clear aligners use scanning technology or impressions to make sure they are crafted for a perfect fit and maximum comfort, they are still designed to apply pressure to the teeth in order to move them gradually. This discomfort takes time to get used to and lessen, which makes overnight wear difficult at first. Furthermore, the position of the aligner in your mouth can cause a slight lisp when worn.

Tooth 'relapse'

Once treatment is complete, you’ll be provided with retainers for overnight use to keep your new teeth alignment in check. Additionally, a single strip of metal can be attached to the backs of the teeth to encourage them to stay in their new position. If this retainer isn’t worn, or the strip of metal is dislodged, teeth can migrate back to their natural positions over time, undoing your hard work if left for too long.


If you have severe overcrowding or malocclusion, you may not be an acceptable candidate for clear aligner treatment, and alternative treatment such as wired braces, surgery or dental implantation may be recommended by your dentist.

Clear Aligners and Cosmetic Treatment

If you already have cosmetic attachments such as composite bonding or veneers and then opt for a clear aligner treatment later, as the veneers or composite bonding were shaped specifically for the previous teeth arrangement, the teeth may end up looking too large or too close together once they are in their new positions.

For this reason, it’s best to get veneers after a clear alignment treatment.

Be aware that clear aligners can only straighten the arrangement of the teeth and have no effect on their shape. If the shape of individual teeth is your only concern, composite bonding may be able to address the problem in cases of smaller imperfections. If teeth have larger imperfections like significant deformity or chipping, crowns or veneers may be what you’re looking for.

At Smart Dental Care, we offer Invisalign, Nuvola and Reveal clear alignment treatment options, so attend an appointment with one of our dentists so they can help you learn more about your different options and understand which one will best meet your needs and budget. Book online today or call us on 0161 820 3477 to schedule your appointment.

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