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If you’re exploring whitening options because you want a brighter smile, Boutique Whitening is a dentist-approved whitening system proudly provided by Smart Dental Care.

The UK’s most trusted professional whitening brand, Boutique has a fast and convenient treatment time that allows you to achieve a visibly brighter shade in less than a week.

Different gels are available, from a high-strength whitening boost to a milder solution for sensitive teeth, meaning you can find your perfect match.

These gels can manage sensitivity and are kind to your enamel, thanks to a stabilised pH containing potassium fluoride. These gels also come in day or overnight wear options, so you can whiten at a time that suits you.

To discover what Boutique Whitening treatments can do for you, book online today, or call us on 0161 820 3477.

Step 1

First, your dentist will conduct an assessment to make sure you’re in good dental health and suitable for professional whitening treatments. 

Step 2

Once approved, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send it to the Boutique Whitening laboratory, where your bespoke whitening trays will be created for a perfect fit.

Step 3

When your trays are delivered, your dentist will show you how to use the whitening syringes, advise you on how long to wear the trays and answer any other questions you may have.

Optimum whitening results should be achieved in around 3 weeks.

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