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If you have chips, cracks or discolouration on the surface of your tooth, Smart Dental Care can correct the imperfections and protect the inside of your tooth with a dental crown, delivering a healthier, natural-looking smile.
A dental crown replaces the visible part of the tooth with a strong coating made of either ceramic or porcelain. The crowned tooth functions just like normal and blends seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

The shape of the crown can be made to close the gaps between your teeth and the shade can be to your specification too - the shade can be a natural one if you're happy with the colour of your teeth, or a whiter, brighter shade if you want a whitening treatment first.

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Step 1

Your dentist will carry out a dental examination to make sure you’re in good oral health, inspect the tooth that needs a crown, and take a mould of your teeth.

Step 2

Your dentist will file down the tooth which needs the crown fitting, making sure the final product won’t be too large for your mouth. A temporary crown will then be applied to protect the rest of the tooth whilst your mould is sent to the lab to create your permanent crown.

Step 3

Once your new crown is back from the lab, you’ll return for a second visit where your dentist will remove the temporary fitting and fix the permanent one. Crowns can last up to 15 years if well looked after.

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