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If you have misaligned teeth that affect your bite, Smart Dental Care offers Reveal, Invisalign and Nuvola clear aligner systems, which are a convenient, discreet method to correct this and perfect your smile in less than six months.

The process uses clear plastic trays shaped to fit your teeth at each stage of their movements. These trays are removable to make eating and hygiene upkeep convenient. Being transparent makes them difficult for other people to notice.

Clear aligners are a popular choice because they deliver the straightening results of wired braces without the restrictions. Experience the freedom to eat any food and maintain your oral hygiene without wires getting in the way, all while upgrading your bite so you can achieve the smile you deserve.

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Step 1

Your Smart Dental Care dentist will conduct a dental examination to assess your oral health. Once you pass the examination, your dentist will take impressions and explain your clear aligners treatment plan.

Step 2

The impressions will reach the lab and your dentist will receive a visual mock-up of how your teeth will look after treatment. If you are happy with the results and happy to proceed, the lab will manufacture your clear aligners.

Step 3

Once your aligners are delivered to the practice, you will have a follow-up appointment so your dentist can show you how to use them correctly and answer any other questions.

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