Important Notice for Rishton Dental Centre Patients

Dear Rishton Dental Care Patient,

Unfortunately, the Practice has ‘lost’ its NHS dentist recently and therefore we are temporarily unable to offer NHS dentistry at this practice whilst we recruit another dentist.

Due to Brexit the number of dentists offering dental services have declined considerably.

However, during the Pandemic, the number of dentists offering NHS services has further reduced due to the poor remuneration received from the NHS and the increased workload.

As a result, of many dentists have reduced their commitment to the NHS to the point that this practice, Rishton Dental Care, has been unable to recruit a replacement dentist despite all our efforts to do so.

Unfortunately, as a result, the practice can only offer dentistry at its nearby sister practice:
Smile Spa,
128/130 Accrington Road,
Tel: 01254 52165

We are working hard to recruit and train new dentists and hopefully we will be able to reopen the practice soon.

We apologise in the meanwhile for the disruption caused to patients as a result.

Rishton Dental Care
Tel: 01254 887528