Before and after pictures and testimonials

S.O’Connor, Worsley Dental Centre

Before I had my rapid orthodontic (Six Month Smiles) treatment with Smart Dental Care, I thought that my teeth were not the right shape for my mouth and I was very conscious about it. The treatment went smoothly and the end product is excellent, I am so happy with my new smile! The staff at the practice were lovely and I was treated extremely well.

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F.Adams, Deepdale Dental Centre

I recently moved to Preston and I hadn’t been to the dentist in a long time due to nerves. My first examination with the dentist gave me a great deal of confidence and he drew up a treatment plan to correct all my insecurities about my teeth. The clinic was up to date and there was a quiet atmosphere that helped with my nerves. After four sessions with him, I feel happier with my teeth than I have done in a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend Smart Dental Care to my friends and family.

Anonymous, Warren Drive Dental Centre

My teeth were in a state and I didn’t think I would be able to afford to get them sorted. Smile Spa offered me a free consultation to see what could be done. I was apprehensive but when they told me that I could get 0% finance and have the treatment I needed straight away I was overjoyed and so grateful. I had ceramic restorations and now I have a perfect set of teeth and I will definitely look after them this time round, I have signed up to the Practice Plan and get regular reminders to come in for check ups and hygiene appointments.

Ceramic restoration
Before and After
F.Jones,  Dental Health Centre

Dental Implants have changed my life! I didn’t even know they existed and was resigned to having a partial denture for the rest of my life. My dentist informed me about the possibility of Dental Implants and how they would be like having my own teeth back again. I was able to spread the cost by paying monthly and the dentist guided me through the whole process. It was a bit scary at first but the surgery was kept at such a high standard and the staff were so comforting and professional. I can now eat, drink, do anything without worrying and they really are just like normal teeth!

Anonymous, Bolton Road Dental Centre

I was so ashamed of my missing front teeth and didn’t think I could afford to get it sorted so I put off going to the dentist. One of my friends who goes to the same practice told me that they do monthly payment plans so I went in to see what my options were. I was given very detailed information about all the different options available to me, how much they would cost and what the dentist recommended would be best for me. I am delighted with my new bridge and I am paying a small amount monthly. So happy.

Dental Bridge
Before and After
E.Coffey, Poulton Road Dental Centre

I would highly recommend tooth whitening with Smart Dental Care. The procedure was quick and painless and I was assured by my dentist that it was completely safe unlike some other products out there. The whitening tray that was made especially for me came in an attractive carry case and I saw immediate results after an hour that have been long- lasting. The four syringes of whitening gel will last me for a very long time!

Anonymous, Bolton Road Dental Centre

Treatment with Veneers at our practice in Bolton. This patient did not like the large gaps between the bottom teeth but did not want to have braces to close the gaps. Veneers are a great way of solving small issues like this without orthodontic treatment.

Before and After
Inman alignver beforeafter
A.Abdullah, Smile Spa Blackburn

I didn’t know how quick and easy having my teeth straightened would be! I had never heard of Inman Aligner but I was offered a free consultation and it was all explained to me clearly. The aligners were almost invisible and the treatment was so quick and affordable! I am so happy with the results and would recommend to anyone.