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Telephone support

  • Telephone support for dental emergencies.
  • Call your respective clinic and a member of the time will be happy to help.

Given the current uncertainty, we want to let you know that your dental clinic shall remain open for telephone support should you need to contact us regarding your dental emergency. Please call your respective clinic and a member of the team shall be happy to help.

Please be assured both patient and staff safety is and always will be our sole  priority.

Our teams have been working tirelessly to ensure our clinics are as clean and safe as possible. We have significantly increased our cleaning regimes across all sites. With this, our teams have also been asked to pay particular attention to ensure frequently touched areas within the clinical setting are wiped daily. 

We have several notices on display around the dental clinic to remind all patients and staff members to wash their hands well, for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water, this is believed to be the most effective way of reducing any risk. It is worth pointing out that dental clinics across the U.K. lead the way in cross infection control and decontamination procedures.